WordPress 2.3 Login Box featured on WPCandy.com

Last weekend I found out that the plugin I created (WordPress 2.3 Login) was featured on the website WPCandy.com as a daily plugin.

Hereby I would like to say thank you to Ryan Imel (@ryanimel) for featuring my Plugin. Since last weekend I’ve updated the WordPress 2.3 Login plugin twice. First there was an Issue Ryan mentioned with Safari. Secondly I’ve fixed the WordPress 2.3 Login plugin for it to be compatible with WordPress 3.2

The video mentioning the WordPress 2.3 Login plugin can be found here: http://wpcandy.com/broadcasts/the-daily-plugin/day-20

WordPress Scheduled Time

This plugin is a plugin I created for -mainly- myself. I was really irritated that it wasn’t possible to see the scheduled time of a post in de post-overview screen. This plugin replaces the “date” column in the posts overview with a Column: “Post Status”. The colimn shows which status the posts has and in case the status is “Scheduled” it not only displays the scheduled date, but also the scheduled time. This can be very handy for multi-author blogs who publish several posts each day.


Edit: The plugin has been released and can be downloaded from here:


Plugin: WordPress 2.3 Login

Looking back at the history of the design of the WordPress login form, my opinion was that the version of WordPress 2.3 by far looks best of them all. Therefore I’ve created a plugin to bring back this old and even maybe forgotten login form to your WordPress installation.

You can download it here


WordPress Beta Tester

When you’re starting development for WordPress it can be very handy when you’ve got the latest WordPress version installed. How about if you’ve already have a WordPress blog and want to upgrade this WordPress blog to the latest possible version in the WordPress trunk (and the latest nightly build). There’s a nifty little WordPress which should do the trick really easily: WordPress Beta Tester.

After installing the WordPress Beta Tester plugin go to the settings page of the Plugin to define whether you’d like to download the “Point release nightlies” during update or the “Bleeding edge nightlies”.

The Point release nightlies are the updates which should be relative stable.
By selecting “the Bleeding edge nightlies” whenever you’ll update your WordPress, you’ll update to the Trunk version of WordPress (You are getting the absolutely latest version). This procedure obviously could harm your site, but in 99% of the cases it won’t.

Nevertheless it’s recommended to have a Backup of your latest data each time you update to one of these versions.

Updating a live-website to a non-stable release of WordPress is not recommended for not-experienced users! You should **NOT** do this on your live-site if you don’t know what you’re doing!

If you want to have the latest version of WordPress for development or testings purposes this is a really cool plugin.

WordCamp NL – Evenement voor de WordPress fanaat.


Mijn laatste blog is alweer van een HELE tijd gelden. Daarom maar eens een blogpost over iets waar ik heel erg enthousiast over wordt.

Aanstaande zaterdag is WordCamp NL. Het evenement voor WordPress liefhebbers, fanaten en enthousiastelingen.
Met dank aan Wouter Tinbergen ben ik op het laatste moment gelukkig nog aan een ticket weten te komen voor WordCampNL
Onder de sprekers bevinden zich echte WordPress Guru’s waaronder Frederick Townes en Adii Pienaar.

In de middag zijn er 3 trajecten te volgen. Een traject voor Beginners een traject voor Designers en een traject voor Code Wizards.
Het gaat nog een lastige keuze worden om te kijken naar welke van de 3 trajecten ik naartoe zal gaan.

Het volledige progamma van WordCampNL is hier te vinden.

Storage, a Cloud storm or not?

Look at this page for a great article about storage.

The guy writing it, is a good friend of mine with some good insights about data, storage and everything that is connected with it.
During discussion about storage we always find area’s to talk about.

Everyone that is working with sharepoint should consider the data growth.

Ed Kowalczyk & Het Metropole Orkest in de HMH – Video’s

Gisteren was ik bij het Concert van Ed Kowalczyk (Zanger van de Live) die een concert gaf samen met het Metropole Orkest. Rock & Klassiek kwamen in een goed optreden perfect samen.

Hieronder staan een aantal video’s die ik gemaakt heb. De foto’s zijn hier te vinden

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MobilityMinded AT&T Pantech Matrix Pro give away

MobilityMinded AT&T Pantech Matrix Pro give away package contest will start now April 29th, 2009 untill May 3rd 11:59 pm EST . Finally it is time to have this contest on MobilityMinded. We are part of this contest with 26 other sites. This contest is open for our US Readers only.

The prize package consist out of:

  • AT&T Pantech Matrix Pro handset;
  • Service Credit (via gift card) in the amount of $100. The gift card is good for anything sold through any AT&T store or can be used for the cost of a service plan.

The rules are very easy:

  1. Sign up with twitter and follow @mobilityminded
  2. tweet the following line: RT Win an AT&T Pantech Matrix Pro @mobilityminded  just follow the easy rules. http://twurl.nl/i7430y
  3. Come back to this post and leave a comment. In the comment you leave your Twitter name.

Little side rules are:

  • Individuals who’ve won at another site are ineligible to win another;
  • Winners are limited to US residents only;
  • MobilityMinded.com is not responsible for any lost packages or incorrect addresses;
  • The prize is not redeemable in cash and must be accepted as awarded.

All those that entered using the three above will be entered to Random.org to find a winner. The winner will be announced on May 4th, 2009.

If you love Smartphones this is definitely one to get.  Just check my first impressions


Google Gears not working in FireFox 3

I had a problem today that google gears didn’t work on my work laptop on Firefox 3. When I tried to set up Offline Gmail Firefox hung. Strange because the same combination does work op my home laptop. So I started searching and came up on the support site from Mozilla. Here someone told that he used the Aero Fox theme.

Gmail Offline

Gmail Offline

Since I used the same theme, I tried the Firefox default theme and that turned out to be the solution. Now FireFox and Gears work perfectly together and I can use Gmail offline and WordPress Turbo on my work laptop. I love it!

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